When Is the Best Time of Year to Get Married?

Choosing your wedding date is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding. How do you know what is the best month for your wedding? The decision will come down to your preferences, but we’ve compiled some information and tips to help you make the decision. 


Spring marks the start of the traditional wedding season. With blossoming flowers and trees to provide a beautiful background for photos, it’s no surprise that many people choose a spring wedding. Spring brings feelings of new beginnings which perfectly fits the atmosphere of a wedding.

After a long winter, your guests will be excited to get out and celebrate your big day. However, spring weather doesn’t always play by the rules. When planning a spring wedding, you’ll need to consider unpredictable weather like rain showers or cold fronts. 

May is a popular month for spring weddings because of its more predictable weather conditions. However, don’t be deterred if you’re set on having your wedding in March or April. The vibrant, colorful spring flowers will ensure your day is bright, no matter the weather. If floral arrangements are important to you or are a significant part of your decor, spring may be the best season to get married because of the variety of flowers in-season.

As spring is a popular choice, finding venues and vendors may be more competitive, especially for late spring weddings. If you’re planning a spring wedding, you will want to secure your location and vendors well before your big day.


Summer also offers beautiful flower options and green, picturesque landscapes. The summer months represent relaxation and fun, which can bring light-hearted energy to your wedding. June stands out as a popular summer wedding option.

You’ll want to keep your location in mind when planning a summer wedding. How hot could it get in your area? You want to be comfortable on your big day, and some of your guests may not be able to handle the heat. Consult with a wedding planner to find the best time to have a summer wedding, or consider having your ceremony inside. 

If you have an extensive guest list, summer may be the best time of year for your wedding. With summer vacation and more relaxed time-off policies during summer months, you can likely expect it to be easier for your guests to attend than at other times. However, remember that summer is also the most popular vacation time, so send your save-the-date invitations early so your guests can plan their other summer fun accordingly. 


Over the past few years, fall has emerged as the most popular time of year to get married. The Knot reports that the top five wedding dates in 2021 all occurred during the fall season. The top four wedding dates were in October, while the fifth date was in late September.

Autumn typically brings beautiful weather that is not too hot or too cold — depending on the location. With the changing seasons comes the changing of leaves into stunning shades of red, orange and yellow to complement your big day. 

Fall also has fewer holidays and other life events to compete with. Your guests will most likely not be traveling for vacation or holiday plans during the autumn months, which could mean fewer scheduling conflicts. Spending your big day with your loved ones makes your wedding even more special, so the more of your guests that can attend, the better.

Because fall is so popular, it’s common to see limited availability for venues and vendors. If you want your dream fall wedding, you will want to begin planning well in advance


Winter weddings are magical despite occurring during the wedding off-season. Winter weddings typically need to be held indoors due to weather, which can be an advantage. Indoor winter weddings feel cozy and intimate, which makes your wedding day even more romantic. 

With winter as the wedding off-season, you can expect to see venues and vendors have more availability than at other times of the year. Wedding expenses may be more affordable during the wintertime as well. Who wouldn’t love to have their dream wedding at a lower price? 

When planning your winter wedding, remember to keep holidays in mind as you set a date. During December, your guests may have plans in place for Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. Travel prices also increase around the holidays, and some guests may be on tight holiday budgets. Also, consider how snow and ice may affect your wedding day and your guests’ travel plans. A dazzling winter wedding is absolutely possible — it just may take some extra effort and consideration during planning.

How to Decide When to Get Married

Each season has its own unique benefits, so it can take time to decide which date is perfect for you. 

A few tips to help you set your wedding date include the following:

  • Think about significant dates: Reflect on your relationship and see if any specific dates stand out. Would you want to get married in the same month you met, or would you like those two anniversaries to occur in their own month? How do you feel about having your wedding close to a holiday or a loved one’s birthday? Finding the dates you don’t want your wedding to be on helps narrow down your options.
  • Envision your wedding decor: Do you see bright, colorful flowers or muted, neutral tones? If you are looking for a colorful wedding, you’ll want to have your wedding during spring or summer when a wide variety of flowers are in season. 
  • Evaluate your wedding budget: Months like June, September and October will be more expensive than January, February and March. Think about which time of the year will best work with your budget. 
  • Consider the weather in your area: If you envision yourself walking down the aisle outside, you’ll want to consider what time of the year will be the most comfortable to hold an outdoor wedding in your area. 
  • Check venue and vendor availability: If you’re set on a specific venue or vendor, you may have to work with their schedule. See what options they have available and how those dates work with your preferences. 

Once you’ve found your date, you can begin planning your decor, food and other aspects to complement your wedding date and bring your vision to life. For more tips on planning a wedding, view our wedding planning guide

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