The Hancock Hotel can provide you with the corporate event space and resources to ensure your business thrives. Our committed staff will listen to your needs and work hard to provide you with a personalized meeting experience. We have over 9,000 square feet of corporate event space in Findlay, Ohio, available to give you ample room for whatever is on the agenda. Whether you're holding an important meeting or throwing an entertaining corporate function, we have what you need to succeed.

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Flag City Room

Why You Should Choose a Hotel With Conference Rooms in Ohio for Your Next Meeting

As you plan your next business meeting, location is likely one of the many factors you must consider. While you can hold your meeting at your corporate offices, one of the best ways to drive engagement is to book it at a hotel. Some other reasons why booking a conference room in a hotel for your next meeting is a great idea include:

Spark Creativity

Holding business meetings in a new environment can encourage new and creative ideas from you and your employees. Taking employees outside their familiar office space and putting them in a new environment can also help them think about ideas differently or be more willing to collaborate and look for ways to improve your company.

Access to Quality Equipment and Technology

Hotel conference spaces typically offer access to high-quality equipment and technology you can use to enhance any presentation. Since this equipment is already present, you don't need to worry about bringing in heavy equipment or setting it up once you arrive on site. The hotel may also offer the option to have attendees join the meeting virtually to increase the amount of people who can attend.

Impress Attendees

Booking a hotel conference room in a building with a rich history, like the Hancock Hotel, is a great way to create a wow factor that will impress everyone attending your meeting. Additionally, the professional decor will add an element of sophistication that automatically puts your business in a more positive light. 

Greater Accessibility

If you're meeting with business partners or associates who live in a different town, state or country, meeting in a hotel with a conference room creates a convenient meeting place for everyone. For example, your out-of-town attendees can simply walk down to the meeting from their hotel room. Holding a meeting at a hotel also guarantees parking and a location accessible by train, taxi or other public transportation.

Benefits of Booking Your Next Corporate Event With Us

When you plan your next meeting or event at the Hancock Hotel, you and your partners will experience several advantages. Ideally located on the campus of Marathon Petroleum Corporation in lively downtown Findlay, we are accessible by many modes of transportation, being less than a mile from I-75. Our hotel with conference facilities also offers amenities such as:

  • Valet parking
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary built-in Audio-Visual system
  • On-site dining
  • Convenient luggage storage capabilities 

Event Rooms

The Hancock Hotel is home to comfortable accommodations and exceptional amenities to ensure your meetings or events go well. You can choose from the many business meeting spaces we offer in Findlay, OH, and select the right one that will fit your unique needs, from our large Blanchard Ballroom to our personal Gaslight Private Dining Room. 


Blanchard Ballroom


  • Transforms into three rooms
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Built-in audio-visual system
  • Adjacent pre-function area for cocktail hours and group registration

Flag City Room


  • Adjustable lighting
  • Built-in audio-visual system
  • Adjacent pre-function area for cocktail hours and group registration

Donnell Boardroom


  • Adjustable lighting
  • Built-in sound system
Mancy's Event Space_Mancy's (1)

Gaslight Private Dining Room


  • Capacity of 20
  • Private dinners and cocktail hours
  • Private bar


  • Fireplace
  • Heated seasonally
  • Available for private functions

Advantages of Business Meetings in Hancock Hotel

Effective business meetings are vital for your company to achieve future success. They allow you and your partners to share important information, stay updated in different departments and make collective decisions about how to achieve your business goals.

Hosting these meetings within the Hancock Hotel, rather than an office within your company, will offer you many benefits that you and your associates will appreciate, such as: 

Organized Space

With Hancock Hotel on your side, you can leave the organization to us while you focus on the more important aspects of the meeting. Once you select your choice of meeting space, we'll set up the tables, presentation equipment, seats and anything else you need to ensure a successful gathering. 

On-Site Restaurant

When your associates are left without food during meetings, they may be unable to concentrate, leading to an unproductive environment. With our famous Mancy's Steakhouse within our facilities, we can provide you with personalized meals to keep you and your partners well-fed and ready to continue. 

Places to Relax and Unwind

If you had to travel to the meeting space or your associates had a long trip, you'll want to make sure that everyone has a place to stay before traveling back home. Our luxurious rooms have private bars and in-room dining capabilities that make it easy to stay in for the night.

We also offer a fitness center that is open 24 hours a day for those looking to break a sweat after a long meeting. Or, our guests can walk or ride our complimentary bikes into the city to clear their heads. 

Team-Building Opportunities Near the Hancock Hotel

If you'd like to move past the conference room and strengthen employee relationships, there are plenty of fun team-building activities in the Findlay, Ohio, area to explore. Some of the many attractions you and your employees can participate in include:

  • Axe Ventura: Encourage some friendly competition with axe-throwing at Axe Ventura.
  • Oakwood Nature Preserve: Reconnect with your natural surroundings on a team hike or walk at Oakwoods Nature Preserve
  • Expired Time Escape Games: Expired Time Escape Games encourages visitors to work together as a team to find clues and solve the mystery of each room.
  • Findlay Brewing Company: Unwind with good food and great beer at Findlay Brewing Company.

Book Your Next Corporate Event or Meeting at the Hancock Hotel

If you're looking for a venue to book for corporate events in Findlay, Ohio, the Hancock Hotel is here for you. With our luxurious hotel meeting spaces and advantageous amenities, you'll have what you need to create an experience that will leave a lasting impact on you and your associates. 

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