Elevate Your Corporate New Year’s Eve

The start of the new year is a great time to bring your team together. A corporate NYE party also provides an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the past year’s accomplishments while anticipating what’s to come. Unwind after a busy year and recognize the efforts each member of your team has made for your company. 

From choosing the right venue to incorporating festive food and drinks, here’s how you can elevate your corporate New Year’s Eve party to make it a night to remember. 

How to Host a New Year’s Eve Party

A corporate NYE party can boost company morale, reinforce your appreciation for your company’s hard work and strengthen motivation and company culture. The right venue will provide the amenities your team needs to elevate the festivities, while games and activities can promote team-building and excitement for the future.

Here are a few tips for planning a company NYE party: 

Choose the Right Venue 

Choosing the right venue for your corporate party might be the most important decision you make. A hotel venue for NYE offers the amenities and services your guests need, so you can sit back and enjoy the party. The Hancock Hotel has all this and more. We provide plenty of space for guests, luxurious accommodations and an in-dining experience to elevate your night.

Appreciate a courteous staff, elegant hotel rooms and ballroom space just steps away from lively downtown Findlay. We also offer valet parking, complimentary Wi-Fi and convenient luggage storage capabilities, offering a corporate NYE hotel venue to take your party to the next level. Enjoy all kinds of New Year’s work activities in downtown Findlay, from indoor golf and pottery to holiday lights and other festivities.

Plan Festive Cocktails and Appetizers

New Year’s Eve parties are mostly known for their drinks and appetizers. While you won’t need to provide a big meal, plan to have an array of festive treats, cocktails and mocktails to ring in the new year. Appetizer staples include buffalo dip, stuffed mushrooms, coconut shrimp and cheese platters. Festive cocktails might include the Tom Collins or hot buttered cider and rum with cinnamon to add a dose of holiday cheer.

And, of course, no New Year’s party is complete without a glass of bubbly. Have the Champagne ready to hand out to guests a few minutes before the New Year. Note that since this is a corporate function, make sure you follow best practices when serving alcohol to your guests. This might include limiting the amount of beverages each guest can have or providing rideshare services so everyone gets home safely.  

Choose a Theme

When planning a company NYE party, choose a theme to get your team engaged and enhance the night’s festivities. A themed costume contest can also boost morale and foster your team’s creativity. Categories can include Most Timeless, Most Creative, Funniest or Coolest Handmade. While you can’t go wrong with the classic sparkle-and-shine theme, theme ideas include:

  • Roaring Twenties 
  • Masquerade Ball
  • Casino Night
  • A Night in Paris
  • Hollywood Glam
  • Times Square NYE

Sweeten your costume contest deal with prizes like cash rewards, company swag, gift certificates and more. And when you’ve chosen your theme, ensure you decorate to impress. New Year’s Eve is all about the flashy decor, so deck out your venue space to set the mood and ring in the New Year right. 

Hand Out Party Favors 

To show your appreciation for your team, hand out NYE party favors at your company party. Items might include gift cards, coffee mugs, sweatshirts, blankets or swag items with your corporate logo. Gifting new swag helps promote your company values while showing that you appreciate your employees’ hard work over the last year.

Other party favors might include:

  • Reusable water bottles and tumblers
  • Snacks like kettle corn and hot cocoa
  • Tote bags and hats
  • Personalized notebooks
  • Customized candles

If you’re still unsure what to include in your gift bag, choose items that reflect your company. For instance, you might include travel items like neck pillows or tech items like headphones and smartphone accessories. You can also throw in NYE-themed gifts like wine glasses, fortune cookies or light-up necklaces.

Play Games

Ensure you have plenty of fun New Year’s work activities to boost company engagement. Games might include an escape room event, board games, casino games or a photo booth with fun NYE props or team-building exercises like: 

  • Team photo album: Creating a team photo album is one of the many fun New Year’s work activities that can help showcase your team’s successes over the past year. Encourage your team to submit photos of the group in the last year and have each person write descriptions to add a personal touch. Gather the photos and arrange them in an album for everyone to enjoy at the party. 
  • Collaborative playlist: Before the big party, have everyone send a few songs that best capture the spirit of the new year. These might be pop hits or classic favorites, but ensure they set the mood. Play the mix at the company party to encourage dancing and fun. 
  • New Year’s trivia: Trivia is an enjoyable, competitive activity that also makes a great team-building experience for your corporate NYE party. Questions can focus on the origins of the holiday, and you can give out fun prizes for the team or person with the most correct answers.

Show Appreciation 

A corporate NYE party offers an opportunity to end the year on a positive note by celebrating each person’s accomplishments. Remember to give recognition and remind your employees how valuable they are and what they mean to your organization. Whether it’s a speech, one-on-one interaction or handwritten notes, there are many ways you can recognize your team for a job well done. Others include: 

  • Create a “success wall” showcasing your team’s accomplishments
  • Offer end-of-year bonuses to every team member
  • Gift a plaque or monetary award to your most effective leaders

Toast to the New Year

What’s a New Year’s Eve party without a toast as the clock strikes midnight? Before the ball drops, pass around flutes of Champagne and invite your team to raise their glasses to the company’s New Year goals and initiatives. A company toast is a fun way to preview what’s to come while hyping your team up. Remember to have the music, confetti, balloons and noisemakers ready. With these festive components, you’re sure to create the perfect vibe to ring in the New Year.

Choose Hancock Hotel for Your Corporate NYE Party

Every corporate NYE party needs an elegant venue to enhance the festivities. The Hancock Hotel offers a luxurious space and upscale amenities and services for your next event. A hotel venue for NYE in Findlay offers all the unique offerings of the city and the accommodations of our luxurious hotel. 

We can help create a one-of-a-kind experience for your team with amenities like valet parking, on-site dining and complimentary Wi-Fi. Choose from several entertaining spaces, including a ballroom, dining room and patio, to make your themed party come to life. 

Book your corporate party at Hancock Hotel and make your corporate New Year’s Eve a night to remember. 

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