How to Choose a Wedding Theme

What should my wedding theme be? This is a major question for engaged couples at the beginning of the wedding planning process. Narrowing down the perfect theme can feel like a lot of pressure on you and your soon-to-be spouse. 

Your theme will guide your decision-making for many aspects of your wedding day, from the decorations to the venue. To help you make the best choice and create an event that you will remember fondly, we are breaking down the ins and outs of choosing a wedding theme and some helpful tips.

Factors to Consider When Picking a Wedding Theme

When narrowing down a theme for your wedding, there are some essential factors to consider. Delving into the following elements will help you gain clarity and uncover the right style for your big day:


The venue and wedding theme typically go hand-in-hand. The wedding’s backdrop will inevitably influence how the event looks and feels. Picking a venue and theme that coincide or complement each other will create the most beautiful setting for your big day.

Some experts encourage engaged couples to choose their theme after they search for venues for their big day. By exploring locations first, you and your partner can determine what elements and places you are naturally drawn to. What styles do you like most? How large of a space will you be working with?

Once you narrow down the type of venue you want, you can start to brainstorm what themes would pair best with that setting. 


Choosing a color theme for your wedding can feel like a big responsibility. The accents you pick will impact the event’s overall ambiance and theme. Think of how plum decor makes a space feel gothic and moody while light blue decor creates a bright and airy effect. Your color palette will also greatly influence how your special day appears in your wedding photos.

Some questions to consider when picking wedding colors include:

  • Are there accent colors that pair well with your venue?
  • What hues do you like to wear?
  • Do you or your spouse have a favorite color?
  • Is there a color that is sentimental or special to you? 
  • What season are you getting married in?


Your wedding budget is a major factor to consider when choosing a wedding theme. How much you are willing to spend will often determine the scale of the event and how you can bring the theme to life. 

Your budget will inform what elements are a must-have for you and your soon-to-be spouse and what elements are on your would-be-nice-to-have list. 

Current Trends

If you are still determining what themes you’re interested in exploring for your wedding, checking out the latest trends can be a good way to get the ball rolling. 

A little online research will help you discover what’s popular and interesting right now. Take note of any trends that inspire you or that you feel drawn toward. Consider what themes and elements you and your partner do not resonate with. You can let the current trends guide you toward a theme that feels right to you. 

Shared Interests

Most importantly, your wedding theme should be based on your interests as a couple. Are you more interested in a formal black-tie event, or do you like the idea of a casual ceremony? Are you more classic or eclectic? Is there an era in history or a certain motif that you both love? These simple questions can inform your theme. 

For example, if both partners adore “The Great Gatsby,” then a glamorous, art deco-inspired wedding theme could be a wonderful choice. 

You can create an immersive and engaging theme based on your shared styles and interests. Your guests should arrive and be able to immediately recognize how you worked your personal touch into the details of your big day.

Popular Types of Wedding Themes

The following are some of the most popular wedding theme ideas to help you decide which style is right for you:

  • Traditional: A classic, formal wedding is always a timeless choice when landing on a theme. You can have a black-tie affair with your guests dressed to the nines. The decor can be ornate yet simple and very chic.
  • Beachy: If you and your partner love the shore, a beach-inspired theme might be perfect for your nuptials. You can play up the natural elegance of the water or use your decorations and colors to emphasize the exotic elements. 
  • Rustic: A rustic wedding theme can be cozy and inspired by rural farmhouse lifestyles. String lights, burlap, wood and metal elements can make this theme feel charming and special. 
  • Seasonal: When considering different themes, don’t overlook the magic of a seasonal wedding. You can play with elements of nature and create a celebration that reflects the time of year you’re getting married. For example, you may incorporate many vibrant florals and pastel colors into a springtime wedding or use warm, earthy tones like terracotta or sunflower yellow for an autumn affair.
  • Bohemian: A bohemian wedding theme could be ideal if you and your partner like a natural, free-spirited aesthetic. Earthy, muted color palettes and lots of greenery can make your special day feel ethereal and carefree. 
  • Glamorous: Couples that want to celebrate tying the knot in a lavish and glitzy way can throw a glamour-themed wedding. As one of the most elegant wedding themes, glam often involves tons of sparkles and ornate elements. 

Where to Find More Wedding Theme Inspiration

Once you determine a wedding theme that excites and suits you and your partner, you’ll likely want to get inspired by what other couples have done for their nuptials.

Pinterest is one of the best sites to get inspiration for your wedding theme. You can find hundreds of editorial and personal wedding photographs for any wedding theme you want, and you can keep track of the images you love on a dedicated Pinterest board. 

You can also find tons of ideas from wedding publications such as The Knot. They are dedicated to all things getting married and often share valuable tips for planning your big day. 

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